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Thanks to a hint of gray color, Pure White creates a softness that keeps spaces feeling bright without being stark. As for undertones, it is very similar to White Duck with yellow and greige coming through. So I need a balance to balance the green, so that it doesnt look gold when the sun hits in the family room. Pure white on trim, Dorian gray or silver mist for *shutters possibly pavestone if using white duck or alabaster( *only two in front its a cottage) and silver mist on door. Modern White SW 6168 is a strong contender but we are unsure if it is the right choice. Despite our home, several vehicles and my student loans, only NOW do I feel like Im adulting because why? Hello I am painting my kitchen clary sage. Thoughts on this? ~Kylie, Hello Kylie Thank you for the insight and knowledge you have been sharing with us. What do you think about these 3? Whether you're looking for inspiration, or actually planning to use this paint, SW White Duck would be a great option. If you like the general look of Silver Satin, but want your walls LIGHTER, Benjamin Moore Calm has a similar approach. Visualize, coordinate, and order color samples here. Shoji White SW 7042, which is a very light greige, would be the best complement to Shiitake SW 9173 for your cabinetry. Why do you not recommend on cabinets? All Rights Reserved. Dori. The office is now being turned into a bedroom and it only has one small window and the bathroom does not have any windows. Im installing what I thought was pure-white marble hex floor tile (to be grouted in gray), but when the tile arrived, I realized it has a warm (slightly yellowish) undertone. Check out my affordable and fun E-Design! If Classic Gray doesnt hit the spot, check out Benjamin Moore Gray Mist. This home uses Oyster White and Coastal Plain to accent the natural beauty of hardwood floors and a stone fireplace. It looks great with Pure White for a little bit of contrast. Can you suggest a trim colour that would work with all these colours? Alabaster SW 7008 is the lightest of our warm whites so that would work for you. Any suggestions? They are very informative. This palette works well with metal appliances and decor. Oyster White SW 7637 @lennonnorainteriors. Its a MODERN take on the heavy rich beiges from the early 2000s. I recommend you not use this paint on the ceilings and trims with medium-toned paints! Im asking for those of us that have major dislike of pink, purple and/or red undertones, and have major issues with those undertones coming through due to the natural lighting, etc. This is a learn-to-decorate blog, not a look-what-Kylie-can-do blog. SW 7008 Alabaster would be a much better option as it is a hair darker than SW 7005 Pure White and would complement the warm undertones in your granite. Panda White SW 6147 It doesn't look white in that sample, but trust meit's a bright white. Love your blog! Would city loft brighten it up a bit or is it a mistake because it has a different undertone? And if so, what white do you suggest. Any recommendations are appreciated. We want a white color for the walls and are leaning towards the Eider White, Pure White or Alabaster. We felt like Natural Choice was a little more creamy than White Duck. Hi love the idea of Creamy with Pure White trim, no crown molding like your house, so for the ceiling what color?? And Pure White in SW Captivate will be used on all the rest of the . Hi. Hi, I am seriously considering SW White Duck for my new build. I appreciate your feedback. Your email address will not be published. New Construction with 1.5 stories 20ft + ceilings in LR & DR, open Loft. Thank you, Ill order the stick-on samples when I hear back from you. Wed like to get a better sense of your space before making a recommendation. However, if you look very closely, Oyster White leans just slightly grayer. Hi Todd, thank you for your note! Hi Lea! Off-white colour = higher LRV = more light reflection. Decorated Life is reader-supported. Did you want a lighter color and are you keeping the trim? and a brown rood. Any suggestions? I have those dreaded cream / off white cabinets you spoke of. Test Before Buying a Lot of Paint Not familiar with LRV? North, East, South, West: Which Paint Colour is the Best? Oyster White is a versatile neutral that straddles the fence between off-white and very light greige. What color white trim would work? Repose Gray SW 7015 I was thinking Pure White but I am wondering if it is the best option before I go for it. Our perimeter cabinets are SW Pure White, island color is SW Mindful Gray, countertops are Cambria Torquay, and backsplash is light marble subway. This undertone also makes it unsuitable for coordinating with other finishes that DON'T have the same green undertone. In this range, youll find off-whites that are light and bright but will still show some contrast with standard white trim. What color should I use on Ceiling, and color for trim? I was wondering if you could comment on SW Natural Choice? Swiss Coffee and White Dove are very similar colors with subtle differences. Both colors highlight the natural beauty of the wood countertops and flooring. I have been looking at Alabaster White, Dover White and Shoji White. Warm whites can only be made by adding a drop of yellow to them. Off-white usually refers to a color with some yellow in it that would not work with your palette. I hard oak flooring. This beautiful balance helps build a versatile space that works with a variety of different design styles. Dover White will read as a light yellow and Shoji White can read like a light tan. What would be a good greige that is on the warm side, without yellow? What would you recommend for the ceiling? Alabaster SW 7008, which has a subtle warm undertone, would be the best choice to complement and unify the different colors/finishes in your space. if so which shade would work? Anita Yokotas Favorite Sherwin-Williams Colors. I think Im going with SW Alabaster cabinets and trim. Click the following link to get started. Heres a good shot showing Aesthetic White with a few other off-whites (and Sherwin Williams Pure White), Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White: Paint Color Review. Color recs for the next coolest family please? Sherwin Williams Oyster White is a greige, not an off-white paint color. Oyster White has beige and gray undertones that look soft and creamy. I would much rather see you in SW Pure White which is more simple and flexible. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Ive also toyed with the idea of BM Seashell Oyster White has a light reflective value (LRV) of 72. Like White Dove, it has a warm undertone but it's a bit lighter and brighter. Consider painting your ceiling Ceiling Bright White SW 7007 and then match the existing white on our kitchen cabinets for your trim. Thank you! Lets take a quick break to talk about paint samples, Undoubtedly, youll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples stop right there! (Wall tile, fixtures & wood trim will be white-white.) I think youll need to get well into the off-white range. I was thinking White Dove? Really enjoy your insights. Moderate White is an off-white beige with a gentle orange undertone. Hello, We are painting our entire house white and have decided to go with pure white SW7005. Cheryl. Im thinking Urbane Bronze for the interior doors only as it matches my counters perfectly. We have Colonnade Gray throughout the rest of the open floor plan house and Shoji coordinates nicely. I bought new interior doors in the Greek Villa and want to paint the door casings and walls in the same Greek Villa. Thank you! LRV of 74 White Duck has a light reflectance value, or LRV, of 74. This makes it a fairly light color and puts it just on the borderline of off-white colors, which generally run from a LRV of 73 to 82. OBJECTIVE: warm/cozy/inviting. I like alabaster and this article made me think of pure white. Regards, Andrew. Despite the name, Oyster White is actually a light greige paint color. The flooring, furniture colors, etc. Its soft, green-beige undertone make this hue both stylish and calming. If Eider White looks too gray check out Shoji White SW 7042 or Aesthetic White SW 7035. Im a non designer home owner / design enthusiast here and just came across this blog when trying to search for a comparison with some off whites (because Im We live in the Seattle area so there are many overcast days and I do not want to end up with a light gray house rather than the off-white I am hoping for. Id like an all house wall color for a seamless contemporary look that is not bright white. Oyster White SW 7637 This cool creamy off-white can be used in any room of the home and is suitable for any style of decor. I mean, its not OVERLY warm, but it aint cool. I wanted to use SW alabaster but am now leaning towards SW pure white as a whole house paint (walls, cabinets, trim, doors) Will it be to stark white? Repainting my homes stucco exterior which is south facing. The other open rooms have windows but they do not get direct sunlight. Look at: Are you open to a light golden neutral? Consider using either Pure White SW 7005 or Extra White SW 7006; either of these clean whites would be a beautiful complement to the soft colors on your walls. Thank you! We know we dont want a stark white and no yellow undertones either. As always, thanks for a fabulous review, and timely for me, because I am returning to whites over some grays. With a LRV of 74, White Duck is firmly in the off-white range, and a touch brighter than Oyster White. Consider soft, muted greens, golden yellows, browns, and blues as part of a meadow or forest palette. What finish would be nice for the walls? Those without an eye for color will be confused when seeing the two as they look very similar. The off-white component of Oyster White gives it a natural feel that looks lovely with other nature-inspired colors. HOWEVER, I prefer the subtle approach of Silver Satin to BOTH of those paint colours. It is a yellowy beige and its got to go. Attached rooms are grey tones decorating is modern farmhouse ish. I dont have much time to decide I dont know, I dont think there is a white that I would partner up, it sounds like any white will just make your cabinets look creamier and dingier. This bedroom takes Oyster White in a playful direction with bright and fun Flyway. If you pay attention to color design trends, white has been a top color choice for both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore as their "Color of the Year.". Is aesthetic white in between? Our home was built in the 80s and its full of oak oak kitchen cabinets, oak molding, oak beams, and its extremely open to the 2nd floor. Hi Karen! 2023 Kylie M. Interiors / All Rights Reserved / Website Design by. In a home that gets ample natural light, painting Oyster White on your exterior will show more of the softer, beige side of Oyster White. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. They have helped me so much and again I am reading them for our new house! Whether you think of Oyster White as a greige or as an off-white, its so neutral that you really cant go wrong choosing coordinating colors for it. Painting sample boards this week to take and view in the rooms. Im considering Benjamin Moore Halo on our walls (many other whites we have tested are too sterile/stark in our home). Thank you All of these different white colors serve different purposes. The room has one sliding glass door that is the only source of natural light, and it faces exactly southwest. FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Creamy, The Best Cream Paint Colours: Benjamin Moore, Aesthetic White is a soft, light beige in the off-white range, but its not just any old beige. Your email address will not be published. It is always best to look at color in your lighting. My house came with Dover White on all walls, and I hate it. Hello Steve! Benjamin Moore, in some lights, Classic Gray can look quite greige, but really, its a warm gray, while Classic Gray FAVOURS gray, it never looks icy cold like traditional gray paint colours, White Duck has an LRV of 74, so it really is on the border of off-white and light, offering CONTRAST with trim without visual WEIGHT, its great if youre looking for a warm, but not OBVIOUSLY beige, gray or creamy neutral, like Aesthetic White (coming shortly), its one of the few options with no obvious undertone to wrestle with, in the above photo, White Duck is shown with Benjamin Moore, Silver Satin has an LRV of 76, so its sittin pretty in the off-white range, because its a warm gray, Silver Satin will come up a bit warmer in a, Silver Satin looks pretty with Sherwin Williams, theyre more affordable than the samples pots/rollers/foam boards that are needed for traditional paint sampling, If you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room, Creamy has an LRV Of 81, which is an UBER fab off-white depth, on the, Creamy has enough warmth to be OBVIOUS without being obnoxiously yellow, especially compared to, Aesthetic White has an LRV of 73, so its another on-the-border colour, but I still find that it gives a fab off-white look with no obvious green/purple/blue/colour in it, Its nice for a north-facing room for a neutral, but not particularly warm NOR cold look. Depending on what's next to it, Oyster White has both grey and beige undertones. To me, it is so yellow looking, and I have northern exposure throughout. Im accustomed to painting trim super white and color (even if its white) for the walls. Its a modern Victorian. We have a good bit of windows, but most windows will be covered from front and back porch. Spy vs. Spy - 1961-2009The Spy vs. Spy stories were always 1 page, black and white stories devoid of any text which appeared in Mad Magazine beginning in 196. And not BM Grey Owl again, not enough green, as it starts to have purple come out for me in that entry area. You can also use it as an exterior color, or an all-over indoor color. Alabaster is itself a nice coordinating color for Oyster White if youd like to pair them up. Struggling to find a SW warm light wall color to compliment the grey, as well as trim and celing. I want to paint my dining room, entryway, and hall. White Duck Vs Oyster White Oyster White is a neutral paint color that is comparatively a little darker than White Duck while offering almost the same features. Want to know which off-whites are best for YOUR room? Hi Chelle, There is no way to tone down the red in a cherry floor. So above are the colors I chose and what I will be using each on. Light comes in and hits one LARGE wall. Whether youre a beginner or well-versed in the colour world, these fun online courses will take your colour education to the NEXT LEVEL! I have a combination of very high and low ceilings. When it comes to LRV, it can be tricky to know just where the cut-off is between white, off-white and light. Do you think Extra White is always too bright? In comparison, SW Pearly White is warmer than Ice Cube and has pink/peachy undertone. We used Wider White in our new home in several rooms to complement Light French Gray which we Love!! Wool Skein SW 6148. For reference, my favorite SW off-off white is Oyster White, but it leans too green for this room. I have no idea what colour to use on the ceiling. Hi Lisa, yes, that could be quite pretty! The adjoining hallway is Macadamia. What trim do you recommend ? I am so proud of my choice for our new bathroom walls. Origami White SW 7636 @fabulousatanystage . I mean, he might save money buying it in HUGE bulk, but in the end, its you whos paying for it and I wouldnt do it Or if you have to have it, I might look at softer greige, warm gray and cool gray colours . I really do not want to paint the wall a true white as that would be to much of a contrast against the suede paint. What color white would comment and make brighter but not to white where it would bother eyes? I dont want grey or cream for the walls, i wanted white. It works in the odd space, but in the ideal world, the trim/cabinets/ceilings/doors in this white/off-white range would be the same colour. Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients, Learn all about saving money on paint samples with SAMPLIZE HERE. Hello Kathryn, yes, Alabaster SW 7008 is a beautiful warm white. Hi Kylie, Here are some coordinating color ideas for Oyster White to give you a starting point: City Loft is a light greige color that helps demonstrate that Oyster White is much more of an off-white than a greige. White Duck has an LRV of 74, so it really is on the border of off-white and light, offering CONTRAST with trim without visual WEIGHT it's great if you're looking for a warm, but not OBVIOUSLY beige, gray or creamy neutral like Aesthetic White (coming shortly), it's one of the few options with no obvious undertone to wrestle with My only concern is that my living room opens up to my kitchen and Im wanting the kitchen to be the lighter custom colour and the living room, the Barren Plain. Now, before we get into the guts n the glory, lets talk about off-whites and why they are such a bugger to choose. Id recommend giving it a try! I feel like Im on track with my choices. Pale Oak is a popular light greige color from Benjamin Moore. Christy, I totally feel your frustration! Changed my lighting to daylight bulbs throughout an open floor plan and changed trim from BM white dove to SW Alabaster then painted entry, kitchen, dining room and hallway in BM Revere Pewter lrv 55 (mixed at BM) thinking it would hold truer to a green-gray. Would White Duck walls go with Alabaster trim? Im so confused. You would need to narrow down your color family choices. I would imagine that it would slightly highlight the warm purple thats in Barren Plain, especially if its considerably more neutral looking. Consider using either Pure White SW 7005 or Extra White SW 7006 either one will pop. Consider using that same palette when you repaint no need to reinvent the wheel. I dont want a stark contrast, but instead, Id like a white that compliments the shoji walls. Lastly, and what I am must curious about, we are considering Duck White for the majority of the first floor walls, including the foyer, kitchen, and family room. A tint of yellow gives Dover White a brighter look thats soft and inviting. Wed like to get a better sense of your space before making a recommendation. If you want a lighter shade, more in the WHITE range, check out Sherwin Williams Alabaster or Dover White. Hi Jennifer! Any suggestions? Hi! I had agreeable gray lightened 6%-now an LRV of 66- should I just look for a whole new color.? It is the front runner for my living/dining combination in my Montana town house with south facing windows. For example, warm and cool whites each look better with their respective color palettes. So(awkward moment) cream IS yellow, its just yellow with a neutral base added to it, and thats JUST what you get when you choose Creamy. I want to paint my home office an off white thate neutral but leaning very slightly warm (NO yellow) because we have a Boring Beige sofa we have to keep. Mi have warm wood floors I have sampled Shoji and Natural Chouce, and Natural Ground. Hi Kylie, What color trim would you suggest to compliment the SW White Duck walls? Hi Shanna, City Loft is definitely not white and definitely not cool! As an Amazon Associate decoratedlife.com earns from qualifying purchases. My home has travertine floors and mahogany wood cabinets and wood beams. Ive been reading all your posts but havent seen you mention natural choice or natural ground. When Stevie isnt writing and researching, she likes to knit, crochet, and spin yarn on her antique Great Wheel. If you're leaning toward Shoji White, and it's just not quite the right color, check out White Duck, and vice versa. We are building a new home and have decided to paint the walls in common areas Gossamer Veil Pure White is definitely MUCH easier to work around and coordinate with! Warmer whites will have either a drop of yellow or red that is what makes them warm. Hi Kylie, I have been trying to choose a white BM for new construction entry way and hallways. Your email address will not be published. The room has one dormered south-facing window but doesnt get a lot of light. Any suggestions? Any of which would be a beautiful complement to Urbane Bronze SW 7048. Oooo, if it were ME, I would lean towards doing the ceiling the same as the trim so that I have more flexibility down the road White Duck on the ceiling will limit you LONG-term for wall colours :). 4. Hi Kylie, So yes, paint your cabinets Pure White SW 7005, if you introduce another white it may look like you tried to match the wall color and failed. Hi Beth! Look at you go isnt colour a wonderful thing?!!! In 2016, Alabaster was the Sherwin-Williams COTY and Simply White was Benjamin Moore's Top Color. . ( Slight brown glazing on inset edges of doors) Trying to find a white paint that will work with them and earth-tones in countertop Do you think white dove or alabaster would work. We werent told the paint brand. Pearly White SW 7009 is indeed a versatile white and goes with everything, however, it has a drop of gray in it so it is not considered a warmer white. Oyster White Compared to White Duck Oyster White has an LRV of 72, making it the brightest of the three colors we were comparing. Moderate White has muted undertones that suit a WIDE range of interior finishes. Hi Clarice, Wed like to get a better sense of your space before making a recommendation. So, Shoji White and Oyster White are both amazing neutral paint colors. Heron Plume SW 6070 Under bright natural light it will look light beige, with just a slight depth that keeps it from being washed out. My thought was to use Pure White on all ceilings, doors, and trim to match the cabinets. If your doors are Greek Villa you would want to paint all of the architectural trim (baseboards/windows etc.) I want to brighten dull basement walls that are now beige. I actually have an E-design service just for this! Hmmmm, is there any way you can ask him to NOT use Snowbound? Thoughts? Background photo credit: @samanthamaree.conner This post may contain affiliate links. Hi Brenda! Hi! It has a light reflectance value of 73.5, so definitely not as bright as Alabaster. Thanks for the whites education. Is Dover White on the walls or trim? It is always best to look at color in your lighting. Pure White SW 7005 is our cleanest white without any undertones and would complement the other colors/finishes in your home beautifully. Stevie Miller is a freelance writer with over a decade of experience. I thought I had decided on Eider White, but after looking at photos online, I am afraid it will appear light gray in low light. It's the color that I chose to paint most of our NC home including our guest room: Its good for situations where you want a white that doesnt look too stark or glaring. I recently painted my exposed beam ceiling dover white and am thinking it is too yellow. We are new construction. Hi Linda, check out these white/light greiges. I want the trim and walls to be the same color so the view is the standout. Im feeling overwhelmed on colors for my kitchen. 2023 Decorated Life. If youre looking for a hue that feels a little cooler, look no further than Eider White. Do you want to cool down with blues and greens, or heat things up with reds and oranges? This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Hello I have open living room to dining area,also open to the kitchen. I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. It is not stark at all; compare Pure White to High Reflective White SW 7757 and you will be able to see the softness and warmth in Pure White. Without the Oxford White Trim, you would probably not even see the grey on its own. Looking it up online I see that its from Kelly Moore. Would you suggest chatilly lace, oxford white or decorators white. We have oak trim, a large brick fireplace in taupe and cream bri ck, burgandy leather furniture oatmeal colored carpet. I am trying to choose an exterior color. The ceilings are 7-1/2 ft. high. colors do you suggest go together for walls and cabinets. Stick with the same Pure White throughout. Trends are leaning warmer, away from gray, and closer to the beige end of things. Check out these warm but neutral whites instead. I started with painted foam boards but have expanded to painting samples on the wall please help ???? Ironically, I was this close to going with Shoji White instead. Additionally we are looking for an exterior trim color that is dark like an architectural bronze found on window frames that would work well with this white primary color on the walls. I am really wanting to paint ceilings, wall and trim in same color but difft sheens. Hi Pam! Yes, I have off-white colours on my walls, oh yes! We have vaulted ceilings in the LR. We have Venetian Gold granite, which would be better for that countertop? What are you thoughts on Ivory Lace? and that once it was up, she was sure that Id love it. Would Alabaster be a good choice? Thanks! What trim would you recommend with BM Feather Down? 2023The Sherwin-Williams Company, 101 W. Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115 All Rights Reserved, https://www.sherwinwilliams.com/homeowners/color/lead-csi, https://homeowner.sherwin-williams.com/colorconsult/, https://www.sherwin-williams.com/en-us/virtual-color-consultation, Color of the Month March 2023: Kestrel White, 2023 Colormix Forecast Spotlight: Meet Nexus, Color Astrology: Zodiac-Inspired Paint Palettes for Every Sign, Colors of the Country: Paint Palettes by Region, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. It represents purity, it's clean, bright and fresh. Lots of light in all rooms. Thanks so much! Windfresh White SW 7628 I like SW White Heron and my husband likes Egret White (too gray with pinky undertones for me). We have an open floor plan: kitchen island cabinet will be black; quartz countertops will be Clovelly (Cambria) (its off white, gold, bronze, black veining). would iit work to paint over this with another white?

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